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[ 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers. ]
[ Emails that sells ]

Email marketing has 3,800% on Average

Email marketing is the holy grail of digital marketing. Everyone uses email. This makes email marketing a strong instrument for generating quality leads and sales. Research found that email marketing delivers a $38 ROI for every $1 invested.

Emails Deliverability Solved, Emails That get's Opened.

SMEs, and large businesses need email marketing to connect with their customers and build strong relationships. Email marketing initiatives assist to interact with potential consumers, collect data, and enhance marketing ROI. These initiatives are vital to your company’s success, yet many marketers fail to get the necessary outcomes.

  • Are your emails opened?
  • Do your emails give you enough ROI?
  • Do you have effective analytics on your email campaigns?

Build real relationships, establish trust with email marketing.

If you need to get your product or service in front of a certain demographic, this is the ideal marketing solution for you. We can segment clients depending on their interests, age, gender, industry, employment, and geographic region.

If your product or service is universally appealing, this is the most cost-effective method of advertising it. You do not want to commit the all-too-common error of broadcasting self-promotional messages. Otherwise, your emails will be sent to trash without being opened.

WorkBazr helps brands reach the hearts of their leads and warm them up with effective email campaigns. Without a proper foundation, even the most sophisticated email marketing strategy won’t succeed. We will help you develop an email marketing plan that works based on your needs and the needs of your target customers.

How Does Our Email Marketing & Optimisation Work?

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    Nurturing leads
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    Transaction Receipts
Know your product and your customers/leads
No salesy pitches, we bring you to them as the messiah and incite them to follow you
We push them to buy your products or services.
The lead just made their first purchase, becoming a customer!
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Email Marketing Works When Used Professionally

Of course, email marketing still works. Just today you’ve checked your email inbox more than once and you’ve received more than 3 emails today, am sure 90% of the messages are from the company either updating you or trying to sell to you. This means you can also reach your customers through this method.

We can set up your email server, creating beautiful emails that speak to the mind of your customer while keeping your delivery and conversion HIGH.