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Website Backup & Migration

[ Keep Backups, upgrade your site with no hiccups from ____. ]
[ Seamless data backup and transfer ]

Website Backup keeps your Website Data safe

Many businesses have lost their data to server crashes, malware corrections, and hackers. Our website backup services will keep your website data safe and seamless for migration.

Disaster recovery for your website

Backing up data and website files can lead to several losses and errors. Get automatic backup of your site data. We will secure all your data and web files while you secure the bag.

No matter what you do to secure your website, the risk will never be zero. If your website functionality is damaged, you need a way to recover. Our system ensures you are covered in the event of a critical failure.

  • File system backed up over secure and seamless technology
  • Works with any platform or server
  • Customer support available

Get secure and reliable website backup

Continuous backups will secure your site. You will get notifications on every successful backup, or when there is an issue. Rest assured you have a complete backup of your site and schedule them at a time that works best for you.

Subscribe to enjoy seamless website monitoring, malware scanning and data backups by our security team. As a company known for website security, WorkBazr takes precautions to ensure that your website files and database are safeguarded.

We’ve got your back.

Easily migrate your website and all files to another server.

Protect Your Website

It doesn’t matter how your website was built. Whether it has a CMS or custom code, your web server and database are safe with us.

[ a complete website backup starting from £50 ]

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Basic Plan

£ 50


  • 1 Website Migration
  • Moving all Files for the WordPress Installation
  • Website Data Backup
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Secure your site with automatic backups

We offer website security products built to give peace of mind to every website owner. If you need help protecting and monitoring your website, or are dealing with a hacked site, get the full support of WorkBazr.